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☁—cold weather, warm heart [open]


[If it wasn’t because of Sakura’s presence in this place, Ogami wouldn’t even take studying as a serious matter at all. As a matter of fact, he barely needed schooling since his grades were always good but since right now posing as a student at a school that currently had hundreds of students was the best place to lay low and be out of Eden’s eyes.

In any case, since he was supposed to do his homework, he was currently looking for a quiet place to do some reading first and then start on his essay. Ogami was holding a book on Japanese military history and he had a paper inside it with the notes on what topics he was supposed to make the essay and the details of the work when suddenly a gust of wind blew the paper away from him and he decided to follow it but couldn’t bother to run so he just walked at a bit of a fast pace towards it until it was stuck on some girl’s face.]

Ah, I’m sorry, could I get back that paper?

[His overly practiced fake smile easily deceived people into thinking he was a nice guy but for some reason, Sakura claimed to be able to see through it and even called it his “noh face”. The reason, unknown to him but he was certain that he could at least make the students around him think he was just another normal student until he needed to go again.]

"E-ehk!" The paper hit the girl’s face and slid down into her lap, floating like a feather. She looked up to see the stranger standing before her, requesting she give him his paper back. 

"Oh no, I’m sorry…! This must be important to you…" She picked it up and held it out, smiling back at him. Of course his fake smile was enough to fool her. Kobato was too dense to see through it.

"What’s your name? Mine is Kobato!" She announced proudly. It was too late. He spoke to her, and now she was going to try to befriend him, the same as she did with everyone. He had sealed his fate, unknowingly.

☁—cold weather, warm heart [open]

Winter; the metaphorical sleep of nature, the hibernation of the flowers, and the absence of greenery. The season of hot cocoa and scarves. Noses turn red in the icy air, and everyone bundles themselves in their winter garments. 

To some, winter is viewed as a burden, a cold time when everything calms, and lulls into quietness. There isn’t as much to do without the warmth of the summer time. But, to Kobato, the always optimistic Kobato, winter time is just as lovely as summer time, and nothing can put a damper on her bubbly outlook.

It seemed like it had only been yesterday that Kobato had set foot on the grounds of Tancho Academy, and only yesterday had it been warm and sunny. Everyone was going to the beach, eating ice cream, and running around half-dressed. 

These days though, in the wake of the winter time, many of the students preferred to stay inside at all times possible, away from the cold. The only times they dared venture out was when they needed to rush from one building to the other, in between classes and clubs and so-on. 

Kobato often found herself watching them from her place below one of the many courtyard’s trees while she ate her lunch, thinking about how wonderful it would be to make friends with them as they passed her by. If only she knew how, without being too forward.

This was one of those days, a calm and dreary one. Many people passed her, just as they always did, almost habitually even. Some of the faces were familiar, faces Kobato had seen every day. She had no names to place with those familiar faces. And still, even today, all she could do was watch. 

☼—𝒯ake 2, here we go! 

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“Oh? You’re a girl? I was just guessing.” He replied, trying to lighten the mood before the impending tears. Ah shit, shit, shit. Shocked that the girl was actually crying over what he said, he couldn’t help but feel a tinge of guilt. He was used to abrasive girls that could take a beating, so he wasn’t too sure how to interact with her. He grated his teeth and stared at her with a strained expression.

With a sigh, he placed a hand on her head and looked the other way. “Oi, look, I was just kidding. I didn’t think you’d actually cry,” he said calmly, not seeing a reason to use sarcasm at this point. 

Taking his hand off her head, he scratched the back of his head. “You’re exhausting to be around.” A small smile worked its way onto his face. He felt like he was dealing with a kid, but he didn’t really mind. 

"… R… really? It was only a joke…? That wasn’t a very nice joke, Sakata-san." The girl’s eyes narrowed, and she wiped away her tears with the back of her sleeve. "Saying that I’m exhausting to be around, though, that isn’t very kind either…" She paused and pursed her lips for a moment, in thought. "You’re exhausting to be around as well, though, you know…! Always making fun of me and never saying my name correctly and saying strange things that I don’t understand…!!" Folding her arms over her chest, she nodded, feeling like this was enough retaliation. Now they were even. Both of them were exhausting people in their own ways, perhaps on opposite ends of the spectrum, but all the same. 

Sighing, a tiny smile pulled on the corners of her lips as well. She knew he didn’t really intend to hurt anyone, and it was in his nature to be obnoxious and facetious. She could learn to deal with it, and not take it all to heart. She would have to, after all, if they were going to be friends. And of course, that was something Kobato was already set on. 

Taking a step forward, she grabbed onto his arm, now grinning, and tilted her head to look up at him. "Sensei, let’s go somewhere…! Maybe one of those places that people eat food, or something!"

[ ♕ Need some guidance? ]


“Ah…” The albino paused, expression almost gaping. His only red hue stared directly at the girl in front of him with confusion as to why the hell is she acting like some kind of an air-head. Ah, what a way to making him turn his own offer down at the girl. Though, he is a guidance counselor, it is not proper to show that he doesn’t like a certain student. They are inside the school premises, he should follow the rules even if how boring every rule written was.

“My, my~ What a lovely encounter it is!” Break chimed in, reverting back to his old cheerful self as he skipped down the way the girl was standing and stopping just about a few inches from her, his height towering over her. “I must say I owe you this pleasure~ What can I help you, young lady~?” Hm? The albino paused, standing straight and blinking, hands falling down to his side with a small pout developing on his features. But then, as quick as it arrived, as it quick as it vanished. Nevermind the paperworks, he could just make Reim do them all later.

“Of course, of course. It is my job to do that~” The albino stuck his arm out towards the girl while slightly bending his body down and smiling rather shamelessly. “Come with me and I’ll take you to the guidance office.”

There was something odd about this man, something she couldn’t quite place. Perhaps it was the singular red eye, the most prominent of his features, that seemed like it didn’t quite belong. Or perhaps it was his demeanor. He looked confused one moment, smiling the next, then upset another, and smiling again. 

All the same, he seemed like a nice enough man, and he was seeking out a student to guide. If anyone needed guidance, it was Kobato herself.

Things lately had begun to pile up. She was attending all of her classes, and giving her best effort to learning new things, but it just wasn’t enough. Without having any sort of schooling before now, due to her other-worldly circumstances, jumping right into high school probably hadn’t been the best idea. Her grades were slipping, she hadn’t helped anyone at all, and things were going downhill.


Kobato watched the man curiously, then glanced down at his arm when he offered it. She happily took it, blinking, and nodded in thanks. "I…" She paused. "I don’t suppose you would know how to help students who aren’t… from around here, would you?" 


“Eh? Being a girl isn’t an excuse to not know what a Super Saiyan is.” He nodded, thinking over his words. Yes, even girls should know everything there is to know about Dragon Ball. “What kind of idiot would grow his hair out that long? Of course you’re a girl,” he agreed, acting as if it was the most obvious thing there was.

He couldn’t even take himself seriously. Comforting a person was not his strong suite, and it always ended up as some offsetting remark in these types of situations. If he laughed at his own joke, he’d be seen as some lame comedian. Restraining his laughter, he was taken aback when he say the girl’s eyes tear up. He staggered back. Aw, shit. 

“H-Hey, Hanato-san, are you seriously crying? Huh? Ah, no, you’re plenty cute compared to some of the she-beasts I know. Keep your innocence and you’ll always be up there by the sunflowers.” Trying not to act like it was a big deal, he scratched his face. His eyes lazily looked at her, not moving out of his gaze.

"I guess I don’t have a good excuse, then…" A sigh escaped her lips, her eyes still downcast. "At least you know I’m a girl, though…" She rubbed her wrist quietly, not really sure what else she could say to someone who didn’t seem like they really wanted her time. First he couldn’t remember her name, and he was always making fun of her, then he called her ugly! Just how much did he intent to play with her delicate feelings?

“H-Hey, Hanato-san, are you seriously crying?”

The tears were beginning to well up in her eyes, and it didn’t take long for him to take notice. She felt embarrassed when he did, too. Kobato wasn’t the sad type, and she wasn’t usually one to cry. But under the stress of classes lately, it only took one minor thing to push her over the edge. Nothing seemed to be going her way lately.

She sniffled and began to rub her eyes, while he scrambled to right what he had said before. At least he was making an effort, and this made Kobato feel a little bit better. She glanced up at him, the crude, nose-picking, lame joke-making teacher, blinking. "I… but… before, you said…" 


Acting as if he was surprised by the fact that Ato wasn’t her name, he took in a small gasp. “Ehhh…? You’re sure?” He yawned and scratched the back of his head. Why is it that he was even more exhausted after feigning sleep than he was before? About to sigh, his interested was suddenly piqued when she called herself (as interpreted by Gintoki) Goku. “Ah, you agree then! I guess not even a Super Saiyan can lie about his own name.” He sounded proud of himself.

He laughed as she recoiled in pain. She was a very entertaining girl. Dead-eyed, he walked over to her, crouched down next to her, and patted her head a few times. “There, there, Sunflower. You’ll bloom out of your ugly stage soon enough.” There was no reassuring intent behind his tone at all.

Still clutching her head, she squirmed, groaning. "Yes, I’m absolutely sure my name isn’t Ato, and I don’t even… I don’t even know what any of that means! What’s a Super-Sai… sai… whatever! Also, I’m a girl!" This guy, he was being just as difficult as he had ever been to her, if not more so. 

To make matters worse, he was laughing at her pain, the pain that had been brought on entirely by him! She quietly griped over it, sniffling and rubbing the point of impact.

Kobato was completely taken aback when she felt his warm hand on her head. She had hardly even noticed him approaching her and kneeling down beside her, and now here he was, within such close proximity trying to… comfort her, maybe? She wondered if this was his intention, until he opened his mouth and blurted the cruel words. Then she was sure that was hardly his intention at all. 

"U… ugly…?" She repeated, her voice wavering like that of an upset child, on the verge of tears.


Never having fallen asleep, he had heard her approaching him for quite some distance. He didn’t move. He listened to her honey-like voice and, instead of smiling, spread his frown even further in his “sleep.” It made him happy to hear the girl was still in high-spirits, but he didn’t even want to slightly give that away. 

Still sleepy from having just woken up recently anyways, he groggily opened his eyes half-way. “Oh, it’s… Ato-san,” he struggled to say, pretending to have forgotten her name.


Leaning forward from the tree, he began to get up. “What’re you doing up, it’s still ni-“ Stupidly, he hit his head against hers and sent himself right back to the ground. He grabbed his forehead in an over-exaggerated fashion. A groan escaped.

Rubbing his forehead, he looked over to Kobato. “Hey, you okay? You dead?” Gintoki had more faith that the girl wouldn’t cry just from this, but then again, he’d just met her.

Curiosity took over and Kobato straightened her hat, tugging at the edges of it as she watched him feign sleep. He was frowning even deeper when she spoke, and she began to wonder if she was perhaps bothering him and interrupting his rest. 

Just as she was about to take a step back, he barely opened his eyes and addressed her with yet another incorrect name. "A-Ato isn’t even close to my name…! Well, not that Goku was either, but…! You could at least try to remember who I am…” She sighed and pushed her lips out into a pout, but her sulking was cut short when his thick skull collided with her own and it sent her stumbling back a bit, her hands immediately moving to her head. "O-ow…" 

She cringed, grimacing, but she didn’t cry. It had been more of a shock to her than anything, though it was somewhat painful. "I-I’m okay, I…"  

☼ the fighter and the flower [kobato/mi nam]


A word that was foreign to Kobato because her life was usually so hectic that she never even had a chance to fall into a routine. Since her arrival at Tancho, though, it was becoming natural to her, and even fun. It wasn’t quite the same as not knowing where she would end up from day to day, but it was interesting in its own way, and everyone around her seemed to be living this way. That was just how high school was. Structured and planned. 

But just because of that, not everything went as expected, and every day held it’s own little surprises. Especially around the clumsy clueless girl, who would from time to time bump into strangers, fall down flights of stairs… and somehow walk out of it having made an acquaintance or friend. Sometimes she even made enemies, and sometimes she came across people of… questionable nature.

All of her meetings, all of her ties, they were all in fate’s hands, and today was one of those days when she was going to bump right into fate, face first. Right into it’s chest. Literally.

She had been going about her business, wandering the halls during lunch break, a can of grape juice in her hand.

Sure, the halls seemed clear enough, she wasn’t in too much danger of making any mistakes, and then she looked away. Just a few seconds, she gazed in wonder out the window, mesmerized by the grace of a flying bird. The way its wings flapped and carried it into the sky, and then—


—she slammed right into the boxer, her juice flying from her grasp and spilling on both of them in a sticky spray of purple.